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SL Question Correct Answer Wrong Ans-1 Wrong Ans-2 Wrong Ans-3 Required time to answer (in Minute) Question Quality (Easy/Medium/Hard)
1 Microsoft Visual C# is Microsoft’s powerful,  _____language component-oriented non-procedural language  declarative none 30s Medium
2 _ are basic organization component of visual studio  Projects  Solutions none Test 30s Easy
3 Related projects are grouped together into _____  solutions  assemblies  executables namespaces 30s Easy
4 Solutions cannot contain projects of different types and languages  False TRUE Both None 30s Easy
5 What is a variable?     A variable is a memory area where you can store value which can be manipulated later A variable is a statement that instructs to perform different actions at different context  A variable is a condition which defines alternative action based on value stored in it None 30s Easy
6 Which special variable holds the value assigned to the set accessor of a property?  value  data args param   Easy
7 Which one correct definition of a statement?  a command to perform an actions the rules to write statements in a particular programming language  the specification of what statements do  None zxcvbnm,./ Easy
8 Which one correct definition of syntax?  the rules to write statements in a particular programming language   a command to perform an actions the specification of what statements do None 30s Easy
9 Which one correct definition of semantics? the specification of what statements do  the rules to write statements in a particular programming language   a command to perform an actions None 30s Medium
10 Which of the following is are valid identifiers in C#?  Counter1 1stnumber $payRate A. class 30s Medium
11 Which one defines Definite Assignment Rule in C#? C# does not allow us to use an unassigned variable  C# does not allow declaring variable inside a method C# does not allow us to use variable outside a method C# does not require Definite Assignment  30s Medium
12 What is a Method?  A named sequence of statement A decision statement An iteration structure  It is member of a class not of an object 30s Easy
13 Which of the following encloses method body?  { }  ( ) Begin End  [] 30s Easy
14 you want a method to return information, you must  write a return statement inside the method  you must capture it  you must add void keyword as return type  all of the above 30s Easy
15 If a variable can be used at a particular location in a program, the variable is said to be in ________ at that location  scope  boundary variable confined 30s Easy
16 A variable declared inside a method is called a  local variable  global variable  member variable  instance variable 30s Easy
17 Which one is a read-only property?  The property that contains only get block The property that contains only set block  The property that contains both get and set block None of the above 30s Medium
18 Which one correctly defines a Boolean operator?  A Boolean operator is an operator that performs a calculation whose result is either true or false   A Boolean operator always operates on Boolean values and produces a Boolean value as result  A Boolean operator is used to control a loop   None 30s Medium
19 Consider the following statement remainder = remainder %n  which one is equivalent to the above expression  remainder %= n  remainder =% n remainder = n%  remainder = %n 30s Medium
20 What is a sentinel variable? The variable in a loop controls the number of iterations that it performs  This variable which changed inside the loop  The variable whose value causes a loop to exit early None 30s Easy
21 C# makes it easy to separate the error handling code from the code that implements the main flow  of the program by  using exceptions and exception handlers  using checked and unchecked operations using error handler  none 30s Easy
22 What is the purpose of catch handler in an exception handling mechanism? to catch and handle a specific type of exception  to prevent program from crushing1+l to report about errors to runtime to trap data loss 30s Easy
23 What happens if any statement inside a try block generates error? The runtime throws an exception and transfers control to the finally block The runtime throws an exception and transfers control directly to the first matching catch handler  The runtime throws an exception and stops the execution of program The runtime throws an exception and transfers control to error routine 30s Medium
24 The throw statement needs __________ object to throw.   an exception an error a System.object type   A disposable type 30s Easy
25 All integer arithmetic in a ______ statement always throws an OverflowException  checked  unchecked  loop decision 30s Easy
26 __________ provide a convenient mechanism for modeling the entities manipulated by applications. Classes  Objects Namespaces Enumerations 30s Easy
27 What do you do when you design a class?  you systematically arrange information into a meaningful entity  you group information for global access   you protect your information from being altered  you write statemnts to manipulate information from database 30s Medium
28 Encapsulation is sometimes referred to as   information hiding  grouping  abstraction  polymorphism  30s Easy
29 Which keyword is used to create new instance of a class?  new   create open object 30s Easy
30 What happens if you do no write any constructor for your class?  Compilers generate a default constructor for you  You cannot create objects from the class  You class does not compile  You class is treated as a structure 30s Easy
31 A static class can contain both static and non-static members. FALSE  True Both None 30s Easy
32 What is an array? Ordered sequence of elements  Unordered sequence of elements  Random sequence of element None of the above 30s Medium
33 Arrays are _______, regardless of the type of their elements.  value type  reference type  integral type  null type 30s Easy
34 What happens If you specify an index that is less than 0 or greater than or equal to the length of the array The compiler throws an IndexOutOfRangeException Null is returned 0 value is returned  Nothing hppenns 30s Medium
35 Where the collection classes are live in?  In System. Collections namespace & sub-namespace    In System. Collection In .NET Frame work  In system 30s Hard
36 The basic collection classes accept, hold, and return their elements as   objects integers value types enumerations 30s Medium
37 The ____ class implements a first-in, first-out (FIFO) mechanism Queue Stack  Hashtable ArrayList 30s Easy
38 The ____ class implements a last-in, first-out (LIFO) mechanism Stack  Hashtable Queue ArrayList 30s Easy
39 The _____ class is often called associative array  Hashtable Stack ArrayList Queue 30s Easy
40 Calling a method to achieve the effect on a field feels a little clumsy. What then does alleviate this awkwardness?    Properties  Events  Constructors   All of the above 30s Medium
41 What is a property of a class? A property is a cross between a field and a method   A property is a cross between a field and the constructor  A property is a bridge between a field and its consumer  None of the above 30s Medium
42 ______________looks like a field but acts like a method A Property A method public field  An Event 30s Easy
43 A __________ is a command that performs an action  statement  variable syntax  code 30s Easy
44 Value types are some time called _  direct type  indirect type structures enumerations 30s Easy
45 Reference types are some time called   indirect type structures enumerations  direct type 30s Easy
46 Converting a value type into reference type is called boxing casting  explicit casting unboxing 30s Easy
47 Converting a reference type into value type is called unboxing casting boxing  explicit casting 30s Easy
48 Consider the statement System.Windows.Forms.TextBoxt;What value does the reference t hold?   null nothing 0 empty 30s Easy
49 ____________ is the technical term for declaring two or more methods with the same name in the same scope Overloading  Overriding  Inheritance  Casting 30s Medium
50 What is a variadic method? a method that takes a variable number of arguments a method that takes a fixed number of arguments  a method that returns only  value types  a method that returns a variable type of information 30s Medium
51 The _______ inherits from the base class.  Derived class   Child class  New calss System.Object class 30s Easy
52 Which keyword is used to prevent a class from being inherited?  sealed static   void const 30s Easy
53 Which keyword do you use to refer a base class’s member from the derived class?  base   this  parent super 30s Easy
54 A method that is intended to be overridden is called a  virtual method new method   null method overloaded method 30s Medium
55 What do you call the concept “providing different implementations of the base class’s method in a derived class”? A.     Overriding casting A.     Hiding Overloading  30s Easy
56 Which class does not allow creating create instances of it?  Abstract class  Sealed class    Interface class All of the above 30s Easy
57 Which symbol precedes before the destructor in a class?   A tilde (~)   A hash(#) A pipe(|)    A minus (-) 30s Medium
58 process of destroying an object and returning memory back to the heap is known as   Garbage collection    Memory management    Resource collection  Destruction 30s Hard
59 How can you release the resource yourself as quickly as possible? by creating a disposal method   by defining destructors by overriding ,finalize me  None of the above 30s Hard
60 The _______ statement provides a clean mechanism for controlling the lifetimes of resources   using  switch   do checked 30s Easy
61 Which one defines whether the operator evaluates from left to right or from right to left?   Operator associativity  Operator precedence  Operator overloading  None of the above 30s Hard
62 Which type of operator operates on just one operand?  Unary operator  Binary operator  Trinary Operator  None of the above 30s Medium
63 Which type of operator operates on two operands?  Binary operator  Unary operator  Trinary Operator  None of the above 30s Medium
64 Which operator you cannot overload?    Dot (.)   Equality (==)   Increment (++)   Plus (+) 30s Medium
65 Which one is implicit casting? double d; int a = 20; d = a;  int a; double d=2.33; a = (int)d  int a = Convert.ToDouble( “20.33”);  None of the above 30s Medium
66 Which one is explicit casting?  int a; double d=2.33; a = (int)d double d; int a = 20; d = a;  int a = Convert.ToDouble( “20.33”);  None of the above 30s Medium
67 Which property of a windows form should you change to set the text shown on the title bar?    Text   Title   TitleText  You cannot change that 30s Easy
68 Which is the statement for running an application form?  Application.Run( Form instance); System.Run(Form instance);  Form.Run(Form instance);  None of the above 30s Easy
69 Which property of a form can be used to control the level of transparency?  Opacity  BackColor  Transparency  None of the above 30s Easy
70 Which property of a form returns the control that is currently in focus?  ActiveControl  CurrentControl FocusedControl   TabIndex 30s Medium
71 What is the purpose of the implemented Dispose method in windows form control?. To release unmanaged resources as quickly as possible   To close the form  To hide the form  None of the above 30s Medium
72 Which visual studio generated method instantiate all controls you added to a form and set their properties, wires event handler with controls?    InitializeComponent  Initialize   InitializeContols There is no such method 30s Medium
73 Which event is raised just before a windows form is actually closed?  FormClosing  Closing  Disposing FormDisposing 30s Medium
74 What is the return type of the static method Show the MessageBox? DialogResult ButtonState  string  int 30s Medium
75 Which one is used create Menu?   MenuStrip  MainMenu  Menu  ToolStrip 30s Medium
76 Which property of a menu item is used to show a text as tip when the user hovers the mouse over the menu item?  ToolTip ContextMenu  ToolText Top 30s Medium
77 What do you call the menu which is shown when users right-clock on a control?.  Pop-up menu  DropdownMenu  Menu Properties 30s Easy
78 What is a “common-dialog”?  Some common and standard dialog boxes supplied with windows OS that can be used with your own applications  Some common controls that are share between two or more applications Some common GUI design guide lines  None of the above 30s Medium
79 Which is the purpose data validation? To enusure that data entered by a user matches business rules  To ensure data is correctly processed To ensure output produced by the application is in correct format All of the above 30s Medium
80 Which property indicates whether a control raises validation event or not? CausesValidation Validation Validate Check 30s Medium
81 What is the default value of CauseValidation?      true     false   0  null 30s Easy
82 The Validated occurs ________ Validating.   After  Before  None   All 30s Easy
83 You are developing an ASP.NET Web application. You create a master page. The master page requires a region where you can add page-specific content by using the ASP.NET page designer. You need to add a control to the master page to define the region.Which control should you add? ContentPlaceHolder Content PlaceHolder Substitution 30s Hard
84 You are developing an ASP.NET MVC 2 application. A view contains a form that allows users to submit their first name. You need to display the value that is submitted, and you must ensure that your code avoids crosssite scripting. Which code segment should you use? <%: Model.FirstName %> <%= Model.FirstName %> <% Response.Write(Model.FirstName); %> <% Response.Write(HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(Model.FirstName)); %> 30s Hard
85 You are deploying an ASP.NET Web application to a remote server. You need to choose a deployment method that will ensure that all IIS settings, in addition to the Web content, will deploy to the remote server. Which deployment method should you choose? the Web Deployment tool the Copy Web Site tool the Publish Web Site utility the XCOPY command-line tool 30s Medium
86 You are developing an ASP.NET Dynamic Data Web application.Boolean fields must display as Yes or No instead of as a check box. You replace the markup in the default Boolean field template with the following markup.You need to implement the code that displays Yes or No. Which method of the FieldTemplateUserControl class should you override in the BooleanField class? OnDataBinding OnLoad Construct SaveControlState 30s Hard
87 You are developing an ASP.NET Web page that will display the median value from a sequence of integer values. You need to create an extension method to compute the median value. Which interface should you add the extension method to? IEnumerable IComparer IEnumerator IEqualityComparer. 30s Hard
88 How to change the image of an image control place in each row in a gridview ItemDataBound Init Prerender All of the above 30s Medium
89 Which directive defines master page-precise attributes that are used by the ASP.NET page parser and compiler? @ Master @ MasterType @ PageType @ MasterPage 30s Medium
90 You have to store user data of 200 KB in an object. Which state management technique to use Server session Cookie ViewState Hidden Field 30s Medium
91 You use the ADO.NET Entity Framework to model your entities. You use ADO.NET self-tracking entities.You need to ensure that the change-tracking information for the self-tracking entities can be used to update the database.Which ObjectContext method should you call after changes are made to the entities? ApplyChanges SaveChanges Refresh Attach 30s Medium
92 Which class should you use to manage multiple tables and relationships among them? DataSet DataTable DataView DataRow 30s Medium
93 In ADO.NET, which class can start an explicit transaction to update a SQL Server database? SqlConnection SqlCommand SqlParameter SqlException 30s Medium
94 When working with LINQ to SQL, what is the main object that moves data to and from the database? DataContext DataSet SqlDataAdapter Entity 30s Easy
95 Which of the following is a reference type?.  string    Boolean int Char 30s Easy
96 Which of the following constitutes the .NET Framework?  CLR  ASP.NET Applications Win Form Applications Windows Services 30s Medium
97 Which of the following is the root of the .NET type hierarchy? System. Object System. Type System. Base System. Root 30s Medium
98 Which of the following is not a .NET compatible language?  Java C#  J#  VB.NET  30s Easy
99 Which of the following is the correct way to create an object of the class Sample? Sample s = new Sample();  Sample s;  s = new Sample(); public int Sample ;  30s Easy
100 Which of the following can be used to terminate a while loop and transfer control outside the loop? break exit statement continue  exit while 30s Medium